Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategy

In an auction draft, each manager is allocated a certain number of dollars with which to assemble his team. You need to understand that there is no other use for the money after the auction. Spend it all at the auction or lose it.

The strategy below is based upon the following auction type.
$200 Budget
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 K

While there are many different approaches to an auction, the one I recommend as a guideline is to spend about 40%-45% of your budget on the RB1 & RB2 positions combined. For the typical $200 budget, this would mean spending between $80 and $90 on your top two running backs.

Target getting your three wide receivers for 30%-35% of your budget. Thus you would spend $60 to $70 for your receivers.

That leaves about $50 for your QB, Tight End and your bench. If you allocate $20 to $25 for the QB, you'll have $25 or so for your TE, D, K and bench. Some managers prefer to keep money back for bargains late in the auction (and there will be bargains) while others prefer to get the top players early and just fill in around them with whomever they can get later. Either is an acceptable approach.

The position of TE has become more important in the last few years with the emergence of the TE as more than a blocking position. (See Graham, Jimmy.) You may choose to spend a little more in that arena – maybe 5% to 7% of your budget. Just recognize you'll need to take that money from somewhere else.

I personally prefer not to spend a lot on my Defense. Statistics for defenses vary greatly from year to year based upon injuries to key players. Usually a $2 or $3 investment will get you a serviceable defense.  Exception:  I will throw some money at the Seattle DST but I’m usually too cheap to get them.

Finally, you should never spend more than $1 ($2 at the most) for your kicker.

A favorite stratagem is to nominate players early that you're not that interested in. Hopefully, others will bid up the price to nab them while you save your money for players you want later. It doesn't always work but it's fun to try.  Caveat:  Don’t be ‘that guy’ who nominates scrubs.  Nominate good players – just ones you don’t care if you get or not.

Another fun strategy is to nominate players for positions which you have already filled. Watch your opponents spend their money on a position which is no longer of any value to you. If things go well, they'll have less money to bid on a player you would like to get later.

Recognize that, just like in the draft, you will not get all the players you would like. There will be players that you want who are being over-bidden. Let them go. Your job is to get a team with some studs and then fill in around them --- just like the draft.

One other item: Each player is a new opportunity for you. What do I mean by that? At some point during the auction, you will probably make a mistake. Do not let that affect your confidence. Move on. Everyone else will make a mistake, too.

Finally, let me add.  I have not included Individual Defensive Players in the discussion. The IDP aspect is a favorite of mine but it's outside the scope of this article.


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Minor League Rosters 8-5-2014

Brooklyn DL’s
1.     Rafael Montero, P, NYM
2.     Kohl Stewart, P, MIN
3.     Colin Moran, 3B, MIA
4.     Tyler Austin, OF, NYY
5.     Brian Goodwin, OF, WAS

1.     C.J. Edwards, P, CHC
2.     Eddie Butler, P, COL
3.     J.P. Crawford, SS, PHI
4.     Oscar Taveras, OF, STL

Hockey Nation
1.     Mark Appel, P, HOU
2.     Mookie Betts, 2B, BOS
3.     Byron Buxton, OF, MIN
4.     Max Fried, P, SD
5.     Travis D'Arnaud, C, NYM

The Holy Handgrenade
1.     Robert Peterson, P, CIN
2.     Tyler Glasnow, P, PIT
3.     D.J. Peterson, OF, SEA
4.     Delino DeShields, Jr. 2B, HOU
5.     Alex Meyer, P, MIN

Skip Caray’s Ghost
1.     Raul Mondesi, SS, KC
2.     Austin Hedges, C, SD
3.     Carlos Correa, SS, HOU
4.     Mike Montgomery, P, TB
5.     Mike Olt, 3B, CHC

Planet 10
1.     Clint Frazier, OF, CLE
2.     Jorge Soler, OF, CHC
3.     Bubba Starling, OF, KC
4.     Robbie Erlin, P, SD
5.     Francisco Lindor, SS, CLE

Clown City
1.     Joc Peterson, OF, LAD
2.     Mike Zunino, C, SEA
3.     Miguel Sano, 3B, MIN
4.     Jake Odorizzi , P, TB

1.     Henry Owens, P, BOS
2.     Aaron Sanchez, P, TOR
3.     Albert Almora, OF, CHC
4.     Jameson Taillon, P, PIT

Outlaws – All in WDW
1.     Maikel Franco, 3B, PHI
2.     Lucas Sims, P, ATL
3.     Hunter Harvey, P, BOS
4.     Noah Syndergaard, SP, NYM

Hammering Fastballs
1.     Joey Gallo, 3B, TEX
2.     Corey Seager, SS, LAD
3.     Courtney Hawkins, OF, CWS
4.     J.R. Graham, P, ATL
5.     James Paxton, P, SEA

puerto rican perfume
1.     Kevin Gausman P, BAL
2.     Allen Webster P, BOS
3.     Kyle Crick, P, SF
4.     Hak-Ju Lee, SS, TB
5.     Michael Ynoa, P, OAK
6.     Addison Russell, SS, OAK

Tri State Turmoil
1.     Rougned Odor, 2B, TEX
2.     David Dahl, OF, COL
3.     Dylan Bundy, P, BAL
4.     Nick Castellanos, OF, DET

Milwaukee Braves
1.     Lucas Giolito, P, WAS
2.     Austin Meadows, OF, PIT
3.     Matt Davidson, 3B, CWS
4.     Archie Bradley, SP, ARZ
5.     Kris Medlen, SP, ATL

San Diego Chickens
1.     Marcus Stroman, P, TOR
2.     Matt Wisler, P, SD
3.     Kyle Zimmer, SP, KC
4.     Alen Hanson, SS, PIT
5.     Jurickson Profar, 2B, TEX

In-Season Changes
            April 21st:  Clown City called up Carlos Martinez, P, STL
            May 30th:  stangnut called up George Springer, OF, HOU
            June 11th:  Outlaws called up Gregory Polanco, OF, PIT
            June 14th:  Turmoil called up Jonathan Singleton, 1B, HOU
            August 5th:  Addison Russell traded from P33 to PR Perfume



Ye Olde ' Down the Stretch' Players

Is it not late July? Can this be? Has not Fantasy Baseball enjoyed its onset only last month? Not so, my fair reader. Forsooth, we are finishing our 4th month of 6! Thou must consider how thou mightiest maximize the remaining time to thine full benefit. Indeed, is this not a cardinal rule in life?

My fair reader, here are the players who hath experienced achievement-challenged first halves who are guaranteed success in ye olde second half.

Jason Kipnis: Hath he not become hot? Surely he is too fine a batsman to languish in the hitting depths. He shall surely finish strong. Begin the counting of thine home runs and bases taken outside the law.

Alex Rios: Perhaps ye say “but verily he hath prospered till now. How can it come about that he be upon this list?” Yet methinks he hath a mere 4 home runs. And whilst his average as a batsman is high, hath he achieved power in his service to your team? Not so. But my fair reader, rest assured. He shall yet deliver 10 home runs to thine accomplishments.

Matt Cain: Would that it were true! Yet have I listed his name as a jest. The fine young man from Alabama hath thrown too many pitches thwarting batsmen over the last four annual passings. Forsooth! He hath a life-challenged arm.

Bruce Harper: Stinketh he to this extent? No. He doeth not. Yet surely he would prosper via ye olde feet-first slide. But verily, he hath an ego which is considered of mammoth proportions. Should he stay healthy, he will indeed act in mammoth proportions as thine batsman through yon September for thee.

Matt Holiday: Yeoman Matt is successful as a batsman 30 times out of 100 times yearly. This fact is not in dispute. Yet he hath success of only 25 times in a 100 this year of our Lord. Surely that shall change. Batsman Matt shall lift his rate to a yearly 28 of 100 by the end. Methinks he shall be a .320 batsman the remainder of this season. Verily, he hath also 9 homeruns yet to come.

The original post can be found at www.rotoprofessor.com.