The Cab Driver

This past Thursday night I took a cab home from the train station. My cabbie was from Guinea, a country in west Africa. He had come to the states years ago and supported his family as a cab driver.

As we talked he indicated that he was going back to Guinea since he could better provide for his family there. His rationale: 1) The price of gas had gone up so much in the last three years that he had little fare money left after paying for it. 2) So many people who had lost their jobs over the last three years had become cabbies in the hopes of supporting themselves --- thus increasing the supply of cabbies and reducing the number of rides he provided daily. 3) So many people had lost their jobs that the demand for cabs was reduced.

All that said, the thing that put him over the top was the Not So Supreme Court decision to uphold ObamaCare. He stated that the health care law would put many more people out of work since their employees could no longer afford their benefits. In addition, we were becoming like the countries in Africa where the government encroached on all aspects of life and commerce.

So, he was going back to Guinea, Africa, where he would have greater opportunity to provide for his family. I gave him a large tip and wished him well.

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