Dynasty League Rules - 2013

1. Rotisserie Style, Standard 5X5, Daily Changes, Yahoo League.

2. League of 14 Teams.

3. No Limits on the Number of Moves by a Manager.

4. 29 Man Team Rosters.  No DL Slots.

5. 12 Active Hitting Slots.  C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, OF, OF, OF, OF, UT.  Limit of 180 games played per position.

6. 9 Active Pitcher Slots. 3SP, 3RP, 3P.  Limit of 1,650 innings pitched.

7. Trade Approval: League Vote (48 Hours).

8.  The League is a Dynasty League.  Each team keeps all players from year to year, including minor leaguers.  Thus there is no annual Major League draft.

9.  Standard Yahoo Waiver Wire Rules will be in effect.

10.  Standard Yahoo Trade Rules and Deadline will be in effect.

11.  Waiver order for the start of our 2013 season will be in reverse order of the 2012 finish.  Brooklyn DL’s will have the 1st priority.  Milwaukee Braves will have the 14th priority.

12.  Waiver requests can be put in starting on March 21st.

13.  The Keeper Deadline is March 15th.  All managers are responsible for selecting ALL their players as keepers by that date.

14.  The Minor League Draft will be conducted via E-Mail beginning April 9th.  Each Team will draft up to 5 Minor League players.  The Minor League Draft will be in reverse order of the 2012 finish.  Brooklyn DL’s will have the 1st selection.  Milwaukee Braves will have the 14th selection.

15.  The Minor League Draft in 2013 as well as future Drafts will NOT be serpentine.  Example: The 14th place finisher (Brooklyn DL’s) will pick first in each round for which he has a Minor League roster opening.

16.  Prior to the 2013 Minor League Draft, managers have the option to:
a. Promote their Minor Leaguers to their Major League roster
b. Demote their Major Leaguers to their Minor League roster
c. Drop any or all of their Minor Leaguers
d. Retain any or all of their Minor Leaguers for the following season

17.  Any changes to your Minor League Roster resulting from Rule 16 above MUST be announced via E-Mail to the other Managers by March 31st.

18.  During and after the Minor League Draft, the Minor League Rosters will be posted at my blogspot.  The address is also available on the league home page. http://therichjustmann.blogspot.com/

16.  Any player (Major or Minor League in real life) can be placed on a manager’s Minor League roster.  Please note that once a manager drafts any player during the Minor League draft and places him on the manager’s Minor League roster, all Minor League roster rules apply to that player regardless of his designation in real life.  In other words, he’s a Minor to us regardless of the real world.

17.  Any player (Major or Minor League in real life) can be drafted during the Major League draft.  However, if a manager selects a Minor League player during the Major League portion, the player must remain on his Major League roster for the entire season or be dropped.  The player cannot be demoted to the manager’s Minor League roster.

18.  To reiterate rule #17:  A manager can draft anyone he wants in the Major League draft.  However, if he does so, he must carry the player for the full year or drop him. So it's basically a trade-off. Carry the future star and sacrifice some productivity this year versus having the star for future years......

19.  A manager may choose to promote a Minor League player to his Major League roster at any time.  Of course he must drop a Major League player in order to open a roster spot for the promoted player.  Once the manager has promoted the Minor League player, he will have an opening on his Minor League roster for the remainder of the season.  He will have the opportunity to fill that roster slot during the Minor League draft the following season.

20.  No player selected during the Major League draft may be demoted to the Minor League roster during the season.  He must either remain on the manager’s Major League roster or be dropped.  During the following off-season, the manager may then choose to demote the player to his Minor League roster if he wishes to do so.

22.  The Minor League draft will be conducted in opposite order of the previous year’s finish.  That is, the last shall be first, etc.

25.  Each manager will receive the number of draft choices for which he has available openings.  For example, should a manager have 2 Minor Leaguers on his roster prior to the draft (due to prior promotion to his Major League roster or his declaration prior to the draft that he will be dropping one or more of his Minor Leaguers), he will then be eligible to make 2 draft picks in the Minor League draft.

26.  If another manager picks up the dropped player mentioned in Rule #20, the same rule applies during the season.  However, the acquiring manager has the right to demote the player to his Minor League roster during the off-season.

27.  Minor league rosters will be expanded to 5 players for the 2013 season.

28.  During the 2012 season, managers may increase their minor league roster to 5 players. Of course, since players cannot be drafted on to the minor league roster or demoted to the minor league roster during the season, the only way the 5th player slot comes into play is through a trade. Of course, if a manager trades a veteran for two or more prospects, the team receiving the prospects will need to drop one or more of his existing minor leaguers from his roster since he cannot exceed 5 minor leaguers.

29.  The 2012 minor and major league trade deadline is August 18th – the default Yahoo deadline.

30.  If managers do a major for minor trade and which the Yahoo system does not support, the commissioner will make the necessary changes via the commissioner tools.

31.  At the end of the 2012 season, managers had anywhere from 24 to 29 players on their rosters depending upon the number of DL slots they were using and the managers’ preferences.  I have added ‘low end’ players to each roster in order to bring each team to the 29 player roster maximum.  This had to be done so that Yahoo did not auto-draft better players onto the back of the rosters with less than 29 players.

32.  Each manager can do whatever he likes with the low end players after the draft.  He can drop the players outright, put in a waiver request where the low end player is being exchanged, or he may choose to keep the player.

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