Random Baseball Thoughts

I’m in 10 fantasy baseball leagues. I’m in first place in three of them. The funny thing? Two of the three are ‘locked’ leagues – that is, you select a team and that’s it for the year. Whoever has the best draft wins the league. Guess who would be better off staying put with his roster in the other leagues? Guess who told you a few weeks ago to ‘trust your draft’? Some “do as I say” character, I am.

Ryan Zimmerman is my ultimate tease player. He can carry a fantasy team at times. Then comes the next injury. Last year he was a beast the last two weeks of the season – right after I’d gotten knocked out in my match-up league playoffs.

Angel Pagan is my vote for most under-rated player. When he’s healthy – and he is healthy most of the time – he provides numbers well within the top 50 performances. Even with missing some games this year, his YTD ranks are: Yahoo #47, ESPN #39, CBS #49. His pre-draft ranks: over 200. Same deal most years. Give the man some love.

Need help with ERA & WHIP with solid K/IP? Pick up Wade Davis, Delin Balance or Pat Neshek. It’s very difficult to win ERA or WHIP without some great middle relief pitching. Why waste your innings on an SP4 or SP5? Get two solid middle relievers and they’ll add up to an SP2 and your zest for life will quadruple.

Just like the Emperor in “Return of the Jedi”, I will now ask the impossible. What is it you ask? Force yourself to always start a pitcher you trust. Force yourself to draft pitching or pick up good pitching. A bad outing by a hitter gives you an 0 for 4. A bad outing by a pitcher destroys your ERA & WHIP for a week. This leads to consternation – which can lead to the dark side.

Ivar Anderson really knows minor league players. Be sure to follow what he says. (Google him since he writes for several websites)

Rotoprofessor publishes a ton of great information. Be sure to memorize all articles.

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