Rich Recommends

In the course of human events, there are some items which are worth highlighting above and beyond the others. Rich rightly recommends the following:

Silpada Jewelry Now, gentlemen, before I lose you on this recommendation due to the word 'jewelry', hear me out. This idea will take the complete angst out of Valentine's Day, your anniversary and your wife's (or girl friend's) birthday. Years ago, these dates drove me crazy because they always snuck up on me - especially Valentine's Day. Now here's what you do:

Simply contact Jenni Justmann at jjustmann@comcast.net. Jenni will forward you an on-line link the Silpada Designs jewelry catalog. Look throught the catalog and have you wife select items she would like to have put on her 'wish list'.

Note: If you have trouble navigating the online catalog (as most men will), simply have your wife or girl friend contact Jenni directly and she will personally consult with her to determine the best pieces for your budget.

Then, and guys this is good, simply let Jenni know when you would like to order something off the list your wife already created. She will take care of everything from there.

So, in summary, here are the steps:
1. E-Mail Jenni to get access to the online jewelry catalog. Review it with your wife (or better, have her do it on her own).
2. Have your wife E-Mail Jenni the list of pieces she would like (which becomes her 'wish list').
3. A couple weeks before the date, shoot a note to Jenni and she will handle the order. Heck, she'll even contact
you a couple weeks before if you prefer.

This is the coolest, lowest stress way of providing gifts for your wife (or girl friend). The jewelry has a 60 day return policy, no questions asked, and a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects. Do it. I speak from experience. Why invest the time fretting over what to get the wife when you could be checking out free agents for your fantasy teams?

Last year my son and I attended the Packers/Falcons football game. We had gone on line to review the alternatives for buying the ticket. One of the options was the NFL ticket exchange program which seemed to have tickets pretty well priced. For example, they were showing $130 for tickets that Select-A-Ticket showed at $149. So, although Select-A-Ticket is one of my business partners here on the website, I decided the NFL ticket exchange seemed a better deal.

Wrong! As soon as I started to purchase the ticket, guess what. Ticketmaster reared its ugly head and applied a $19.50 fee per ticket plus an order fee and some other fee. (After a while, you lose track.) So who actually had the higher priced tickets? Hint: Not Select-A-Ticket.

No way was I going with the ticket exchange program. I went back to Select-A-Ticket. Purchased the tickets at exactly the price listed. They then called me to confirm the address for the tickets and called again to confirm receipt. Try that with the monster!

Bottom line: Use these guys. They're honest and easy to do business with.