Baseball's Final Week

Greetings one more time, my Young Apprentices.  We’ve had great conversations with the ‘real or fake’ articles.  Alas, the baseball season is nigh unto completion.  You have only a few days to pull out your championship.  So here is the final volume of FAKE or REAL.

· Jason Kipnis: FAKE. Oh Jason, my Jason! Where art thy hits?
· Freddie Freeman: FAKE. Desultory ending for all involved in Atlanta.
· J.D. Martinez: REAL. How did Houston give up on this guy?
· Leonys Martin: REAL. Has finally taken the next step.
· Denard Span: REAL. Is he truly this good? No. Do you care? No.
· Mike Minor: FAKE. Desultory ending for all involved in Atlanta.
· David Price: FAKE. One of the worst pitchers in baseball last 30 days.
· Francisco Liriano: REAL. High risk / high reward.
· Ervin Santana: FAKE: Desultory ending for all involved in Atlanta.
· R.A. Dickey: REAL. Rogers Center is tough. He’s tougher.
· Juan Lagares: FAKE. Out for season or would be REAL.
· Juan Uribe: REAL. Streaky player. Ride him now while hot.
· Lorenzo Cain: REAL. See Uribe, Juan.
· Jake Marisnick: REAL. Is he this good? Unknown. But he’s hot now.
· Billy Hamilton: FAKE. Fatigue in the legs equals no production.
· Jason Heyward: FAKE. Desultory ending for all involved in Atlanta.
· Ryan Zimmerman: REAL. Probably. If available, get him.
· Matt Carpenter: FAKE. Went to Kipnis school of baseball.
· Addison Reed: FAKE. How is he still the closer in Phoenix, Arizona?
· Yordano Ventura: REAL. Strong finish to inconsistent year.
· Yovani Gallardo: REAL. Hah, just kidding. He’s long gone from your roster.
· Jose Quintana: REAL. Strong finish to solid year. More K’s than expected.
· Mike Fiers: REAL. Great comeback story. This time with K’s galore.
· Yusmeiro Petit: REAL. Bochy knows how to manage a pitching staff.
· Jean Segura: FAKE. Finishing with a statement of the obvious.

As previously, the purpose of this exercise is to get you thinking about who can help you NOW.  This is it!

Reputations, pre-season rankings – none of it matters anymore.  Drop the under-performing ‘name’ players and pick up productive ‘no name’ players.  Your team will be glad you did.

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